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Serving the west coast of Florida, Tide Homes was founded by professional general contractors and career construction experts. Our years of experience in the construction industry have provided us with a deep understanding of the home-building process and the ability to envision each home. This expertise has translated to high-quality custom homes that are well-orchestrated, accurately budgeted and delivered on time.

Tide Homes is obsessed with quality, so our team only works with reputable contractors that we’ve thoroughly vetted. With dozens of homes built and hundreds more that our team has consulted on and repaired in the state of Florida, we’ve got the track record to prove that when you work with Tide Homes, you’re in great hands.

As a Florida custom home builder with an unwavering commitment to delivering on our promises, we work with a vast network of professionals and non-professionals alike who are seeking the level of quality and service that Tide Homes provides.

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Our overarching goal is to provide quality custom homes that meet the needs of each of our clients. Through communication and collaboration, we’re able to take the input and vision of each client and implement it into a build that exceeds their expectations. We work only with trade partners who are as driven as we are when it comes to providing the highest quality workmanship in the most efficient manner possible.


The team at Tide Homes is proud to say that we put people first. Whether we’re interacting with clients, trade partners, or each other, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and honesty, as we believe it’s the only way to develop and maintain lasting relationships. We’re driven by our integrity, and that means upholding our promise of open communication, forthrightness and honesty when giving or receiving feedback, expectations and goals



In order to deliver the most distinctive value to our clients, we’ve developed a systematic approach to custom home building that allows us to check and double-check every single detail before handover. We work with some of the best talent in the home building industry - individuals and crews who use logical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure that each home provides the function and aesthetic that our future homeowners expect.


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We build each home as if it were our own, and by utilizing industry best practices in everything we do, we can be proud of each project we complete. Each and every member of our team, including trade partners, commit to maintaining a professional disposition in all interactive situations, even difficult or unpleasant ones. Our decision-making process is one of collaboration, and we’ll always act in our clients’ best interests.

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