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  • Scott Oehlberg

The Beginning of Tide Homes

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

An understanding of how Tide Homes was created and the man behind the business.

Tide Homes was founded on Teamwork, Integrity, and Passion to build the best homes for their clients. The company has grown to well over 15M in completed homes with tens of millions under construction. This all relating back to the man who started the company, Shawn Seiler. Shawn has an extensive background as a cost expert in litigation cases and has been able to witness the sub par quality of other builders which soon led him to create Tide Homes. His passion and knowledge to create the best homes ever built was what started the company.

“It's more than just construction, it's quality builds that are turned into forever homes. ”

Shawn was determined to create nothing less than a forever home for his clients. Through communication and collaboration, he was able to take the input and vision of each client and implement it into a build that exceeds their expectations. In order to do so, Tide Homes works only with trade partners who are as driven as they are when it comes to providing the highest quality workmanship in the most efficient manner possible.

Let's Dig Deeper

Tide Homes builds houses from the ground up and perform large scale repairs on homes and communities suffering from construction defects. The company encompasses all aspects of home building from the foundation, the block & frame exterior structure, the roof system, windows, waterproof coatings, interior and exterior painting, and balcony coatings. They are able to hire and manage subcontractors for vast interior work that includes, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, cabinetry, flooring, drywall, and door- trim work. Tide Homes actively employs over 150 subcontractors to complete the massive amount of work spread all around the Gulf Coast of Florida. They manage their subcontractors through active on-site supervision,and make sure that they are paid accurately and fairly. Tide Homes continues to have strong working relationships with some of the industry’s largest suppliers for construction materials such as Titan Florida, Builders First Source, American Builder Supply,and HD Supply. These relationships have all helped in building a very strong financial team. The accounting team manages over$4Million a week in transactions and are experts in estimating and job costing. Tide Homes is retained by numerous law firms and engineers to complete cost of repair estimates for new and existing construction projects. They have been retained in over 9000 litigation cases as a cost expert in the last 4 years.

It doesn't stop there.. Tide Homes continues to grow, working with six companies in their construction group and over the last 2 years their combined revenue exceeds $450Million. If you're considering building a home it's in no question that this company will deliver your dream home and more.

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